“Relax, Get Cool”

Over a decade ago, I found this little treasure stuffed in the netting behind a seat on Southern California's Pacific Surfliner.

Itinerary Discovered on the Pacific Surfliner

At least once a year, I'd fly out West, taking that train up and down the coast, visiting incredible friends along the way.

This adorable itinerary, complete with illustrations, detailed someone's adventure to the zoo. Many of the hand-drawn boxes had been left unchecked, but I've always imagined they'd managed to have a spectacular time and made some neat new memories.

Something about this step-by-step outline for an exciting day made me want to hang onto it and bring it back with me to Florida, so I rolled it up and stuffed it in my backpack before getting off at my stop.

Back before I had become lost to the point of no longer covering my walls, I used to pin this little wrinkled sheet of paper up, near the door, in every apartment I lived in.

Over a recent holiday break, I dug it up from within a storage box in my Fort Lauderdale family home and brought it back to New York, where I promptly pinned it to my wall, near the door...

A reminder that every day should be a great adventure.

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