Life Lesson #137 (Microfiction)

In October of 2021, I participated in my first Microfiction competition, which also happened to be my first attempt at writing Microfiction. I was given 24 hours to write 250 words or less for my assigned genre of Romantic Comedy. The story needed to involve getting a massage and contain the word “total.” This is what I ended up with...

Always read the staff list, dear reader.

My time with an old Highlights magazine was cut short by a familiar voice, matching a familiar figure in the doorway.

“Oh. Hell. No.”

“Hi... Stacy,” I said, nearly choking on my words.

“What the hell are you doing here,” she asked.

“I swear, I had no idea you were working here. Barb recommended I get a massage, and that this place was great and...”

“Oh, do you two know each other,” the ponytailed gentleman behind the reception desk, seemingly not reading the room, cut in.

“Unfortunately,” Stacy grumbled.

“I can reschedule,” I said. “With someone else?”

“Don’t bother. I’m the only one with openings right now, and I can be a mature adult. Can you? Finally?”

She turned, walking back through the doorway, seemingly expecting me to follow.

A massage table sat in the center of the small plant-filled room. Ambient music played through a small speaker on the wall, so low it seemed to stop whenever one of us spoke.

“Lie down, face down,” she said, pointing at the table. I followed her directions.

“Am I allowed to talk,” I asked, as her hands gripped my shoulders.

“I’d prefer you didn’t,” she said.

I nodded. “Okay. This does feel really good, though.”

I felt the fingers push deeper, and I’m pretty sure the music actually stopped. “You know, you’re a total ass,” she yelled.

One more thing, dear reader. Always ask your partners what they do for a living.

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