Adventures in Leftovers

To celebrate Ally’s arrival, we thought we'd order a pizza from a place I would frequent when I'd last lived in this town.

Somehow... we managed to accidentally order a pizza meant to feed a small army.

Ally and the Piezilla

... also Pepperoni Rolls...

Though we managed to put a rather substantial dent in (what we later learned was called) “the Piezilla,” we were left with two gallon-sized Ziploc bags-worth of leftovers in our fridge at the end of the evening.

A solid week of “pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime” is nice, but variety is important, and creativity is fun... so we decided to get wild!

We figured we'd start with some fries we had on hand.


We then cut up some slices on a cutting board, removing the crust and setting it aside as “breadsticks.”

Diced pizza with crust removed for breadsticks.

We then tossed it in with the fries, along with some chopped-up Boar's Head pepperoni.

Pizza, pepperoni, fries.

Gotta keep it healthy, so we added spinach, along with some goat cheese near the end.

Spinach and goat cheese join the mix.

Soon after, we'd reached pizza stir-fry date night success!

Date night success!

We still had leftover pizza remaining... so we attempted a version 2 the following evening, adding broccoli, shredded carrots... and pizza rolls.

Version 2 with broccoli, carrots, and pizza rolls!